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Susanne Gosling

Counselling and Psychotherapy


Life, work and relationships can bring stress, unhappiness and depression.

Each person's starting point for counselling/ therapy is unique and the issues we deal with might include relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, fear of failing, not feeling good enough and much more. We can look at whatever makes you unhappy and how to resource yourself. 


You may be considering therapy for many reasons, and the first step is to pick up the phone. Taking this step can make you nervous, but it can also be exiting and positive. We can talk about what is troubling you and can agree on the first meeting to see if we might work together.


I offer short and long-term work, using an approach that is mindfulness based and focused on exploring the opportunities for a better life that lie within all of us. 

We can sit with each other and talk and we can explore creative ways of exploration, such as painting, using colour, words movement, so far these feel right to you.

I can offer you a safe place in which you can find trust in me and in yourself. I am here to hold a space for what you feel or you do want to explore. The underlaying Buddhist Principles of my Psychotherapy training are the foundations to inner strength and change. 

I will encourage you to be kind to yourself and to find compassion for yourself and whatever is troubling you. 

My aim as a therapist is to encourage you to acknowledge the person you are, and the opportunities for a better life that lies within. 

Friendship with yourself means to know who you are and what makes you that way;  to approach change just as friends help each other to adapt and develop. 

Trungpa Ringe  also says in a Buddhist version of the fairytale about a frog prince, the frog does not turn into a prince, but is crowned as a frog just as he is. 

'Trungpa Rinpoche often says, make friends with yourselves. That friendship is the basis for all relatedness. In particular, it is the model for the conduct of psychotherapy'

(Smith, K. 2005, in Choegyam Trungpa  The Sanity We Are Born With, Boston; Shamble p.XI ).



Susanne Gosling

I  trained at Karuna Institute in Dartmoor, UK and my Qualifications are an MA in Psychotherapy and Accreditation with BACP. 

I was raised in Germany, lived in many place in the world and I have settled in the UK since many years. I identify as a European , but I have an international sense of belonging.

I am also a potter, sculptress and painter. 

I am a wife and mother. 

I work in Central Exeter, near both Stations and University.

Parking on site available. 

I work on a regular basis with my clients, mostly weekly. 

I work long -term, but I am also happy to arrange short term work -8-12 sessions.

My charge per session is £ 50.00, but some low cost places are available. 

You can also find me under: 

Pelumbra – Consultancy for world thinkers

and under:

Counselling Directory - Official Site


"Over the past 9 months of seeing Susanne weekly, she has helped me in coming to terms with the unanticipated ending of a longstanding relationship.


It has been a very painful time and I have always felt emotionally held and understood by Susanne, as she has facilitated me to express the depth of my sadness and other feelings, reflect on the dynamics of our past relationship and supported me to re-build my self-confidence and think about my options.Thank you"


I first found Susanne five years ago and over the course of that time I have rediscovered my true self. I have had time away from counselling, but each time we have reconnected I have taken more steps forward.

Susanne allowed me to find myself in a safe and supportive space, I have found her practice to be gentle but strong. I have felt listened to and challenged. Through this process I was able to discover the walls that held me back, find the strength to break the walls down and then the courage to rebuild my life.


When I first came to therapy with Susanne I was in a very depressed and suicidal state of mind. With time and weekly sessions I started to notice what made my life most difficult and what choices I had got. I felt supported, listened to and challenged. Susanne seemed to have a real sense for the problem underlaying my presenting problem.
I became aware that I did not fit into a box. A sense of freedom grew in me and I find it much easier to accept myself now. 


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EX4, Near Exeter university and Central and St David's Stations. \\ Tel: 07786 333 466    


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